Vancouver Chinatown at Critical Survival Crossroads

Chinatown Voices is a group of small business owners, property owners, residents, and community associations – many with links to Chinatown going back over 100 years. The Chinatown Voices group formed to give unconsulted community stakeholders a voice in the conversation about Vancouver’s proposed down-zone of Chinatown. In just a short time, the group has grown to represent approximately 60% of the properties in Chinatown and continues to grow.

Chinatown Voices cares deeply about our community and believes that continued revitalization of this sensitive neighbourhood needs to be the result of a diverse and vibrant community of multicultural residents, of all ages and incomes. Chinatown Voices also respects historic Chinatown as a National Historic Site that should be honoured. We further believe, strongly, in intelligent historic preservation of heritage architecture and character, and increased density to support the legacy business community - ensuring all of Chinatown enjoys a prosperous future.

The City of Vancouver plans to revoke the Chinatown Revitalization policy that has resulted in the first sustained growth in the community for decades, and to introduce a new policy that will drastically reduce current density levels.

The only way Chinatown will survive is to attract a critical mass of diverse residents from all backgrounds and walks of life to support the businesses and cultural heritage that make Chinatown special. The economic viability of this community isn’t just in the form of the current building stock (although that is a factor), it is also in their function.

Does the existing zoning need tweaking? Absolutely. But the draconian and drastic changes included in the Planning department’s recommendations are short sighted and run counter to what we, and many in Chinatown that don’t agree with us, want: a vital and sustainable neighbourhood that can reverse decades of slow decay. Simply restricting residential development is not the answer. Can we count on your support to help save Chinatown?

Help Save Chinatown and help our city!
Demand changes to the proposed downzoning plan!

How You Can Help

The new Chinatown downzoning policies have been sent to public hearing set for Thursday, June 28th at 6pm. If you want to help save Chinatown you need to do any or all of the following:

  1. Sign up to speak at the public hearing.
  2. Write a letter to
  3. Sign this petition:

    "I support preserving heritage architecture and encouraging Chinatown character through proposed design policies."

    "I do not support downzoning Chinatown which will hurt businesses, decrease available housing inventory, and increase housing costs."